what is NITRO?

NITRO is a Web 3.0 reward-based fitness application with Game-Fi, Social-Fi and Fit-Fi aspects.

Equip yourself with NFT in the form of sneakers, bikes, trampolines or swimsuits. Participate in various fitness activities: running, cycling, jumping or swimming and earn rewards. Swap it to NITRO or sell on the exchange. NITRO can be used to level up and buy new NFTs.


remarkable features of NITRO

feature 1WEB 3.0

Web 3.0 is a perfect combination of Game-Fi, Social-Fi and Fit-Fi elements. NITRO is a perfect mix of real-life sports and online crypto earnings.

The aim is to combine all these aspects for people to make positive changes in their lifestyle.

feature 2NFTs

You can buy, sell, trade or collect NFTs, which are your personal assets. NITRO in-app marketplace provides these opportunities.

NFTs are valid forever and you have full rights to use it whatever you like.

feature 3Wellness

NITRO can help you create new healthy habits by participating in fitness activities, such as running, cycling, jumping or swimming.

Transform your fitness habits into crypto, NFTs or real money.


Our mission is to support and motivate millions of people on their path to a healthier life.


NITRO token

NITRO is the token of the NITRO ecosystem. Users receive NITRO when participating in fitness activities and use it to purchase and level up NFTs. The amount of tokens depends on the speed of the activity.

The faster you swim, the more tokens you get.
The higher the driving speed, the more tokens you receive.
The higher the running speed, the more tokens you get.
The faster you jump, the more tokens you earn.

tokenomics and
token distribution

39% 7% 12% 28% 14%
TOTAL 100 000 000
  • M2E rewardsM2E rewards 39%
  • TeamTeam 7%
  • MarketingMarketing & CEX 12%
  • PartnersPresale 28%
  • LiquidityLiquidity 14%

NITRO roadmap

3 quarter 2022
  • Project concept development
  • Website launch
  • APP design development
  • M2E market research
  • Partnerships
  • Creation of NFT design
4 quarter 2022
  • Smart contract audit
  • Community contests
  • Marketing campaign
  • Presale on Pinksale
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
4 quarter 2022
  • Launch NITRO App
  • Active marketing phase
  • More partnerships
  • Listing on exchanges
  • NITRO App v2.0
  • Roadmap update

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